The Cuban medicine has international recognition, and physical rehabilitation is not an exception. The Cuban rehabilitation method is unique and known worldwide for excellent results obtained.

What makes us different is how we apply this method, developing the physical abilities decreased by performing physical exercises intensively and systematically enhancing the strength as the mother of all abilities.

”The Development of Physical Skills is essential for learning and improvement of motor actions for life, which are developed on the basis of morpho-physiological conditions of the body“
(Ruiz, A. E Col 1985).

Our treatment areas include all motor deseases produced by the central nervous system injuries as strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries.

Improve muscular tone

Depending on the conditions of the patients (hypertonia or hypotonia)

Postural correction

Some medical conditions may lead to an inappropriate postures, (scoliosis cases, etc ...)

Improve balance and coordination

In patients with more advanced stage of recovery or that theirs injury so permits/p>

Increase muscle strength in members affected

Improve the ability to acquire active and new movements

Correct articular deformations

Prevent the normal movement of the joints

Improve the degree of patients independence

Those who by the severity of the injury did not gain a full recovery/p>

Teach and correct static and dynamic walking standards

Improve functional skills

Increase the physical capacities

Yarian Paez


Cuban rehabilitator, born on December 1, 1984, Degree in Physical Culture and Sports, with neurological rehabilitation specialitation recognized by Algarve University (UALG)

For several years I have worked in motor physical rehabilitation field , being in the International Center for Neurological Rehabilitation (CIREN) that I started my career in the treatment of lesions of the central nervous system.

I arrived to Portugal through an invitation from a Portuguese patient who had treatment in the CIREN and wanted to continue his recovery at home.
Since then I have treated patients with different pathologies, to give them back the maximum independence and functionality as possible.